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Award Advance Request

An Award Advance (also known as At-Risk Fund or Advance Fund) is a request for the advancement of funds prior to the receipt of funding from the extramural funding source.  Please complete the Award Advance Request form to request for approval to advance spend pre-award.

  • Advances will be automatically set up for a 12-month period.

  • In lieu of the Chair’s / Director’s signature, the MSO signature is now required.

  • The MSO will not sign the request without receiving documentation of the Sponsor’s commitment and estimated funding amount. The expectation is that the department will request this documentation.

  • Department commits to paying all expended funds from department discretionary sources if award is not received by the University. One or more chartstrings showing sufficient funds to cover expended costs if the award is not funded must be included.

  • The Central Dean’s Office Associate Dean of Finance signature is required on all awards, regardless of sponsor, if the total cost is $500,000 or more for that 12-month period (including ZSFG and other affiliated site awards).

  • For more information, please visit: